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Beijing huaxia aviation services Co., LTD

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Main Business:Air ticket, international air ticket, special offer tickets, discount ticket, students, business, fa
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About Us

Beijing huaxia aviation service Co., LTD, which was approved by the civil aviation administration of China, established the state holding company, presently for the international air transport association member unit of IATA, main business in domestic and international air passenger sales agent, with train tickets, hotel booking tickets, and etc.

The Chinese as China's air transport association approved the class a and class b air passenger ticket agent enterprise, Beijing huaxia aviation service Co., ltd., is now and all domestic airlines and more than 50 international airlines to establish a good relationship marketing agency, sales rising unemployment, in the industry is among the best, be more airlines and starry sky alliance as "outstanding agent" and "the best partners", has a good reputation in the industry.


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*This member(Beijing huaxia aviation services Co., LTD) assumes full responsibility for the content of this listing. accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.


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