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Beijing Xin Bo Teng Fei Technology Development Co. ltd

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Main Business:Outsourcling Operation£¨System Integration£¨Software Development
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About Us

°°Beijing Xin Bo takeoff was founded in 1998, is a focus on computer outsourcing, system warranty, maintenance, expansion, upgrade, maintenance (MA), disaster recovery, performance optimization, a one-stop solution to the operation and maintenance, security, relocation, such as spare parts the program's high standards, high-quality, high value-added IT services company, HP, IBM, SUN, CISCO, ORACLE, QUANTUM, OVERLAND, ADIC, STORAGETEK, HDS, EMC and other many other well-known IT company alliances, to become the country's leading computer operation and maintenance, MA, and spare parts suppliers. Is one of the company has the technical strength and professional experience.

°°°°2004 recapitalization of the company headquarters in Shanghai as the branch, Shenyang, Harbin, Guangzhou and Chengdu have to rely on on-site technical support nationwide computer operation and maintenance. The company's technical staff in the maintenance of the host business and storage devices, long-term wealth of experience. The company has an open cluster Laboratory, hosts, networks, peripherals, maintenance, hardware maintenance, system software maintenance, database maintenance, hardware expansion upgrades and other technology above has a very strong advantage for many years can a 100% complete customer service needs.

°°°°Since its establishment, has been adhering to the "customer-centric corporate philosophy, the high-tech, high-quality positioning as a fundamental principle of innovation and development, actively implement management innovation, integration of professional advantage to carry out a win-win service. Through continuous innovation, operational excellence and fine management, providing customers with high quality products, the most favorable price and high value-added services, we will continue the pursuit of customers, employees, partners and the company's common development, and strive to become China's most the value of IT outsourcing, one of the builders.

°°°°Xin Bo take off in the spare parts store to have its own independent spare parts, computer inventory control, automated inventory management, to ensure adequate spare parts. In the management of the implementation of ERP fine management, workflow and efficiency of the regulation of every employee to achieve real-time and efficient work standards.

°°°°3H brand services business positioning: the high standard of team services, providing high-quality products, customer demand and bring additional revenue from high value-added brands to the customer service, to the best IT professional resources to help customers solve various programs, which can reduce costs, improve efficiency and give full play to its core competitiveness and the strategic means to enhance customer response capabilities of the external environment.


°°°°TEL:400 -888-6656 +86 -010-51657781


Contact Us

The Beijing Xin Bo Ascendas Technology Co., Ltd.

 Beijing Headquarters: Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Beijing, the long-term the World Building Block A1, 12B02 room

 Shanghai Branch: No. 1715 Zhongshan North Road, Putuo District, Shanghai Pudong Development Plaza, Block E, Room 1707


 Web site:

 National Hotline400 -888-6656

 Beijing Tel :010 -51657781



Shanghai Tel :021 -61995742


Getting There


 Metro Line 10 Suzhou Street Station

 Bus 304 Road, 307 Road, 386 Road, 611 Road, 630 Road, 671 Road, 944 Road, Haidian South Road and get off

Bus 26 Road Express Line 109 Express 110 line 114 line Express Express 118 lines, 302 Road, 374 Road, 394 Road, 528 Road, 944 Spur Beijing Seismological Bureau to get off


 3 metro line 4 in Zhenping Road Station and get off

Bus 129 Road, 216 Road, 743 Road, 206 Road, 69 Road, 829 Road, the Beian across the line car Beian line, get off light, Zhongshan North Road, New Road Station


*This member(Beijing Xin Bo Teng Fei Technology Development Co. ltd) assumes full responsibility for the content of this listing. accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.


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