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Asian Quanzhou Intellectual Property Agency Ltd.

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Main Business:Trademarks patents copyright company application
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About Us

Quanzhou international intellectual property agent limited company is the State Intellectual Property Office designated foreign-related patent agencies and countries, the patent, trademark, copyright, covers the business of the people's Republic of China in most provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, overseas more than 150 countries and regions more than 1000 enterprise agent related affairs of tens of thousands of pieces, and Mainland China for about more than 5000 enterprises in more than 100 foreign countries and regions for the trademark, patent, copyright issues. It has been more than 150 countries and more than 20000 customers to Asia as their wealth creation fulcrum, International Intellectual Property Agency Company Limited and the World Intellectual Property Organization ( WIPO ), the International Association for the protection of industrial property ( AIPPI ) maintained close contacts and cooperation, and with a number of national and regional law firm, scientific research institutions to maintain a good business relationship, in addition to domestic agents patent, trademark, copyright business, but also accept the foreign and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan enterprises organizations and individuals entrusted, in mainland China for intellectual property issues, and according to the mainland enterprises, organizations and individuals entrusted, in foreign countries and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan for all types of intellectual property issues.

One, Quanzhou Asian business:

1, trademarks, registration, renewal, transfer, change of address, the name change agent; 2, trademark objection, review, dispute, defense agency; 3, patent search, registration, review, invalid agent; 4, trademark and patent infringement investigations, complaints, administrative litigation; 5, enterprise registration and intellectual property strategic planning and implementation; 6, agents for the determination of a famous trademark, famous trademark, copyright registration; 7, IPR customs filing; 8, the trademark international registration agent. Two, select abacus advantage: 1, Asian Patent and Trademark Office is the trademark agent intellectual property services. In 2, I have a dedicated customer service department. In the trademark application to the trademark licensing period, for customers to apply for trademark registration for tracking service, timely notification to the customer of trademark registration process. For enterprises to establish special archives, to develop the trademark management system; planning for the enterprise trademark strategy; for the enterprise brand promotion and planning to provide advice and legal support; for enterprises to provide trademark and related legal training; for the enterprises trademark monitoring. In 3, I build a well-known brands of the industry archives, and thus for the enterprises to provide market research, brand design, industry forecast service, help customers develop trademark strategy, to provide the market integration planning. In addition, to have formed their own brand of the enterprise, what I pass trademark licensing, registration, the international registration protection method, help the enterprise to realize the brand extension and expansion. According to business needs to provide personalized, systematic, all-round depth of services, intellectual property rights will penetrate into the business of every detail, really played the role of brand building. Sincerely welcome your company in the intellectual property field and I have conducted extensive cooperation! Wish sincerely

Contact Us

0595-22368879,13960422922, Mr Pan Asia international intellectual property agency company


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