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Intelligent Micro System CO.,LTD

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Main Business:Sensor ASIC,Area Sensor,Light Curtain,Photoelectric Sensor,Counting Sensor,Frame Sensor
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About Us

Intellisense Microelectronics(IMS) is a sensor company with CMOS ASIC(Application Specified IC) as its core technology. The company has various lines of sensor/sensor ASIC products.

These products include temperature sensor, photoelectric sensor, magnetic sensor, proximity sensor, MEMS piezo-resistive pressure sensor ASIC, MEMS capacitive acceleration sensor ASIC and other sensor related products.  

The company has a R&D team with many years of experience in sensor technologies and CMOS mixed signal IC design.

The company’s products provide enabling technologies to many sensor companies in China and have been widely used in automotive, industrial control as well as consumable applications.

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