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Cai, Huizhou city operation of the electronic products industry, Min

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Main Business:Color sensors, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensor mass, temperature control, high-speed counter
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Color se

About Us

The company was founded in 1987, is the first development and production of optical switches, sensors and other automation control devices signs of science and technology enterprises. Dragon brand company produced in 1988, passed the provincial appraisal, the product won the Silver State Spark Plan, provinces and four new product award, which has been listed as Z3N products Province outstanding technology products in 1998. <br>

Since the beginning of the founder with the Department of Space, Department of Aviation, universities and other research institutions in close collaboration, strong technical force, the product widely used in packaging, printing, metallurgy, tobacco, telecommunications, railways, aviation, aerospace and other industries in the crop-bit detection , level control, product counting, speed monitoring, width discrimination, signal delay, stain marking, positioning correction, security, protection and security guard and so on. The company produced the dragon brand photoelectric switch has been the Department of Space, Aviation Department, Shanghai Baosteel, Shanghai Light Industrial Equipment Group, the Beijing Song and many other well-known enterprises to adopt, and to improve the quality and superior service for users of the same praise, this, "China Packaging News", "China Electronics News" at 20 March 1998 and August 11, 1998 published prominently on the front page "dragon optical switch can be comparable with imported quality" and " Dragon challenge foreign goods - blue light to reach the world advanced level optical switching, "the cover story. Company in accordance with the international ISO9000 standard to establish a comprehensive quality assurance management system, product performance and quality of similar products to 90 international advanced level, the series can be directly interchangeable with similar foreign products. <br>

Z3N series coaxial reflective open-type sensor can be directly related to the German mark's NT6 family sick and Taiwan Fu Taiwan's KS-C2 series interchangeable. <br>

Z3J series of infrared photoelectric switch, the sensor can be directly with the Japanese flag OMRON Corporation E3J series interchangeable. <br>

HGK Series Photoelectric switches can be isolated directly with foreign exchange OPE series of photoelectric switches. <br>

LJE series of proximity switches can be directly related to foreign exchange various types of proximity switches with the specifications. <br>

Excellent performance, complete product series inverter, strong technical force, quality of service, Dragon Optical willing to work with you to create brilliant future! <br>

Products sales cooperation: <br>

[1], temperature control, counters, time controller, (time relay, time relay reciprocating cycle, the microcomputer when the control switch), tachometer, voltage meter current, inverter, PLC programmable logic controller, AC contactor, relay, solenoid valve, cylinder, switching power supply, power modules, switch (button switches, limit switch, touch switch, foot switch, air switch, GFCI) <br>

[2], photoelectric sensors, inductive proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, magnetic proximity sensors, Hall sensors, door magnetic, optical amplifiers, optical fiber (the specifications can be customized), light control switch, voice switch the human body infrared sensors, power remote control switches, level controllers, level switches, pressure transmitter, encoder, color sensors, safety grating <br>

[3] LED or regular light bulb lights (monochrome and color, three color, four-color, colored), light, buzzer, no spark electric seal, siren, buzzer <br>

[4], temperature probe (thermocouple, RTD ...) hot rods, hot plates, heaters, heating wire, heat pipe, heat tape, fuse, fuse holder, made to undertake a wide range with high and low voltage electrical power distribution boxes and cabinets <br>

[5], terminal blocks, terminal boards, slot, groove, self-styled plastic bags, shrink sleeve, nylon cable ties, tie wire core, coil protection, cable water-proof fastening head. <br>

Provide processing, ordering, so that all train services and the interests of consumers, ensure the quality of the products with high quality service we believe will be able to provide you with the most appropriate solution! After years of efforts in product quality, price and service has won recognition of our customers. We look forward with a positive attitude, good reputation, meticulous service, pioneering spirit, and you will be able to establish more extensive cooperation.

Contact Us

Contact: Mr Choi

Phone: 8607522227308

Mobile Phone: 013669595488

Fax: 8607522205953

Business Address: Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China 68 Silver Lake Road West around the city building

QQ number: 646854535



*This member(Cai, Huizhou city operation of the electronic products industry, Min) assumes full responsibility for the content of this listing. accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.


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