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Taiwan Datian Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd

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Main Business:Chiller Mold Temperature Machine Pulverizer Dehumidifier Dryer
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About Us


Taiwan Datian Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is Taiwan Senior surrounding injection molding machinery manufacturers. With the plastic products of increasingly high demand for increasingly perfect injection process. Therefore, companies not only pay attention to product quality, more committed to the research and development of high-performance, energy saving, environmental protection of high-quality products in order to thank the vast numbers of new and old customers the support and love.

°°°°With the advantage of two decades of technological innovation and engineering and technical personnel continue to explore, for the replacement Product, Keep improving, has laid a solid foundation. In all product design and manufacturing clients reflect on the valuable advice and the applicability of the market, to seek perfection; Italy, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and other motors, electrical, pump, so as to ensure the performance and quality products so that products Rheinland successfully obtained ISO-9002 quality company certified products are widely used in plastics, electronics, electroplating, chemical, metals, food and other industries. Daejeon mechanical heart will choose to bring greater efficiency of your return.

°°°°Looking ahead, we are confident that with their performance perfect after-sales service and product excellence, we hope to have with the industry to work together to create a better tomorrow.


Contact Us

Contact: Cao mirror Sen

Phone: 86-755-81445855

Fax: 86-0755-81445311


QQ: 454 992 321

SKYPE(TM) caojingshen


*This member(Taiwan Datian Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd) assumes full responsibility for the content of this listing. accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.


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