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Dongguan New Bull Automated Equipment Co., Ltd

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Main Business:Computer Cutting Machine,Cnc Leather Cutting Machine,Carton Boxes,Bag CAD Software,aoke,newbull
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About Us


Dongguan New Bull Automated Equipment Co., Ltd

    Dongguan New Bull Automated Equipment Co., Ltd is a hi-tech company dedicated to the development, manufacture, sale and services, with “Specialists in the CAD/CAM System” and “Specialists in Tailoring and Cutting Solution System” as the business purpose, so as to provide the following specialized products for a great number of industries and sectors in footwear, cases, handbags, costume, printing and packing:

    Cases and handbags: Design, style and count CAD software, digital instrument, paper sample cutting machines, computerized leather tailoring machines; laser engraving and cutting machines.

Printing and packing: Carton and color box design CAD software, carton color computerized proofing machines, plastic box proofing machines, laser cutter model plotters and laser cutting machine series products.

    Footwear:3 D, 2 D, design, sample, size and count CAD software and paper sample cutting machines, tailoring machines, scanners or digital instrument input equipment; X-raying iron nail detectors; laser engraving and cutting machines.

    Dressmaking: 3D,2D,design,sample,size and count CAD software, digital instrument, roller plotters, ink jet plotters, paper sample cutting machines, multilayer tailoring machines; laser engraving and cutting machines.

    Electronics industry: Can connect any CAD software widely used in the electronics industry proofing can cut flexible circuit boards, shielding materials, insulation materials, optical materials, film button switches, Guozi-button, conductive tape, special adhesive tape, stickers and other materials.

    In particular, the flatbed paper sample computerized cutting machines jointly developed by this Company and the postdoctoral working station under South China University of Technology are well received and highly praised of by domestic and foreign manufacturers. Among them, New Bull NB series of computerized cutting machine products for the medium and markets are the products at the highest performance-price ratio in the domestic markets, and supersonics series are the products primarily for high-end market and exported competitive products, whose performance-price ratios are several times those of imported products, and their ratios of quality, performance and efficiency are superior to those imported products of some brands.

    Since 2003 Dongguan New Bull Automated Equipment Co., Ltd has been dedicated to the development of the CAD/CAM systems of footwear, cases, handbags and costume. The Company boasts one post doctor, 3doctors and more than 10technicians having received college education or higher. The CAD/CAM systems currently developed by this Company are in the leading position at home and at the synchronous position abroad, which provide the advanced computer-aided systems for the design and fabrication of samples for local and foreign enterprises to cater for the changeable markets.

    Orientation of the future development of the company: dedicated to the specialists in tailoring solutions to the material cutting sector, and development of a series of internationally advanced quality of cutting machines: a series of hi-tech computerized tailoring machines such as paper sample cutting machines. Carton and paper box proofing machines, tailoring machines, costume computerized tailoring machines, water jet cutting machines, laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, X-raying foreign object detectors.

Contact Us

Dongguan New Bull Automated Equipment Co., Ltd


Contact: Mr Chow 13926578208 MR MEI

Tel :0755-89637899

Fax :0755-22141907

Add: Houjie town, Xiabian village Laguna Lake Road 26-28



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