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Zhongnan Electron Technology Co.,Ltd.

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Main Business:ComAp Control module&Deep Sea Electronics Control module&BERNINI Controller&GAC &AVR
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About Us

Our company has always been committed to the sales of generator set controllers. The major brands of our sales are as the following:ComAp Control module: IL-NT-AMF-25,IL-NT-MRS-16,IL-NT-MRS-10,IG-CU-C,IG-NT,IC-NT,IM-NT,IG-PCLSM,IG-PCM,IG -COM,IG -IOM,IG-AVRI,IG-TRANS;Deep Sea Electronics Control module,ComAp Control module&Deep Sea Electronics Control module&BERNINI Controller&GAC &AVR.We provide sufficient supply off the shelf. You are welcome to contact us at anytime and will definitely recieve our warm and sincere services.


Tel:0086-0754-88739001 Mobile phone:0086-13556343315

Contact Us

Web:;Tel:0086-0754-88739001 Mobile phone:0086-13556343315


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