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Shenzhen Xibangyuan technology co. LTD

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Main Business:Public address system, IP network intercom system, conference system, family background music s
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About Us

XBPA IP brand as the first professional production of public broadcasting system, digital conference system, professional sound reinforcement system, central control system, remote video conferencing system, hd copy and play system and remote interactive teaching system is one of the manufacturers.

The global success story is over 300,000, the product sells overseas market, the export product has the IP network broadcast system.

Digital conference system, 5G network cable + wireless conference system, professional sound amplification system

The size of the

The company has 1200 employees, with an annual capacity of 400, 000 public radio amplifier, 100,000 professional amplification system amplifier, 50,000 paperless conference system terminal, and 120,000 digital conference system matching equipment

Form a complete set of production include: electronic workshop, high-tech products workshop, digital conference system workshop, speakers, wireless mic workshop workshop, professional audio workshop, hardware workshop, carpentry workshop, painting workshop, glass fiber reinforced plastic workshop, oxidation surface treatment workshop.

Research and development

1. Strong research and development team (digital conference system r&d, paperless conference system development, sound development of sound amplification system, r&d of wireless network conference system and simultaneous interpretation system)


Three core systems:

1. High definition remote video meeting system.

2. Full digital conference system + paperless multimedia conference system + conference sound amplification system.

3. Full digital public broadcasting system + full digital fire broadcasting system.


1. Perfect ERP production management system and strict six sigma quality management system.

2. 500 square meters of aging laboratory.

3. Four process tests.

4. Renew in March, three years warranty.

5. Strict quality reward system.


Before sale:

1. Assist customers to see the scene.

2. First-rate system solutions and on-site solutions.


1. Provide timely cabling guidance or on-site wiring guidance.

2. Provide professional equipment debugging guidance and equipment training.

After sale:

1. Free maintenance for 3 years, free maintenance for the rest of the life (free of labor cost and charge of materials)


For each system focus on various professional industry, including: schools, stadiums, building, intelligent buildings, hotels, hotels, Banks, prisons, real estate, commercial real estate, park plaza pedestrian street, the company factory enterprises and institutions, hospitals, shopping malls supermarkets airport, dock, station, entertainment and leisure venues, exhibition hall, government units, etc.


Passed the ISO9001 quality certification, ISO14001 environmental certification, ISO18001 occupational health certification,

Contact Us

 manufacturer : Shenzhen Xibangyuan Technology Co.,Ltd.

Address : Floor 3 ,Building 8 ,Ma’anshan second Industrial Zone, Bao’an Distract ,Shenzhen City,Guangdong

 website :

Email address :

Instant messenger : QQ software (QQ number 2260194215)

Telephone no. +86 755 82596829

Mobile phone :+86 13530597380


*This member(Shenzhen Xibangyuan technology co. LTD) assumes full responsibility for the content of this listing. accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.


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