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Shanghai Fuji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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Main Business: mirror heater, mirror heating pads, de-misting pads,mirror defogger
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Tienly M

About Us

Shanghai Fuji Electronic Technology Co., generally engaged in specific design and exploitation, manufacture and sale of the appliances of floor heater and mirror defogger.

Tienly offers enterprises and consumer a wide range of products and services. Tienly mirror defogger (synonymous with mirror heater, mirror heating pads, de-misting pads) has also been widely applied to the rear view mirror of vehicle, mirror fixing in toilet and bathroom, icebox and specimen in the laboratory etc.

As one of the series products of removing fog by electric heating, Tienly mirror defogger in the bathroom is increasingly used in the decoration of hotel, villas, service apartment, and residential buildings, luxurious ships and anywhere need clear vision. With high quality and reasonable price, Tienly mirror defogger has been used all over the world, especially in some well-developed countries, such as India, Mid East, New eland, Europe and so on.


Contact Us


ADD: Room 1101, No 1508 Jiangpu Rd Shanghai 200093 China

TEL: 86-21-68950019 /13361955338

FAX: 021-68958598

Website: Http://


M S N:

QQ:1539909065(shanghai, jiangsu)

QQ:1539909085(guangdong, fujian, zhejiang)

QQ:1539909045(Other regions)


*This member(Shanghai Fuji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) assumes full responsibility for the content of this listing. accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.


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