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Main Business:steel wire rope,marine rope,anchor chains,marine valves,rope supplier.IJIN MARINE LIMITED
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About Us

Ekaship Hardware Limited, born in Hong Kong, is a hardware supplier and marine service agent in China. In around 90 sea ports and river ports of China, Ekaship can directly deliver on board steel wire rope, anchor, anchor chain, pump, valve, lashing material, ship outfitting, and hardware, etc. In the past 2 years, Ekaship has delivered 1,000.00 tons of wire rope, anchor chain, etc in 30 ports such as Xingang, Nantong, Lanshan, Zhanjiang, Bayuquan, Fangchenggang, etc. Thanks to our staffs¡¯ hard work and kind cooperation of 300+ vendors, now Ekaship has developed to be a reliable hardware supplier for commercial ship, tug boat, cruise vessel, naval vessel, etc. Not only supplying, Ekahsip also trades above hardware to other countries Malaysia,Turkey,Singapore,Vietnam,Greece, Germany, USA, UAE, India, etc.


As an agent, Ijin provides 50 kinds of marine service in 300+ ports, 80 countries. In our database, Ijin has more than 2500 suppliers, repairers, dockyards, etc in the world. So far, in at least 20 ports, Ijin has delivered service life saving inspection, fire fighting inspection, radio inspection, underwater hull cleaning, wire rope delivery, store, spare part and provision supplying etc, for more than 15 ship owners of China, India, Taiwan, UAE, etc. Ijin moves fast enough to follow your vessel schedules every 24 hours and 7 days. In Sudan, Sierra Leone, Togo, or any other port in the whole world, Ijin always stands with you. 

Marine rope catalogue  : a full range of marine ropes up to 2 ½ inch diameter or 7 inch circumference in 12 strand hollow braid or 16, 24, and 32 carrier double braid constructions. We also fabricate tow lines, hawsers, dock lines, and custom mooring pendants with factory splices. Novatec can fabricate buoyant and sinking ropes in combination for oceanographic research and buoy installations. Nylon and polyester double braids meet or exceed military specification. MIL ¨C R ¨C 24050D and MIL ¨C R - 24677. Marine finish yarns and several urethane coatings and chafe protections are also available. Nylon dock lines, hawsers, and floating Oletec tow lines can be ordered with soft eyes or thimbles

Steel wire rope catalogue: galvanized steel wire rope ,steel wire rope,accommodation ladder wire rope, wire rope sling, chain wire rope ,and so on.

Marine valves catalogue: The company specialized production and operation of a wide array of complete specifications. Mainly produce Japanese standard JIS, DIN, ANSI, BS standards of marine flange valves, cast steel globe valve / angle valve, cast iron globe valve / angle valve, JIS anti-wave valve, bronze fire valve, hydraulic valve, marine V type wafer butterfly, marine wafer typr butterfly valve double eccentric &Three eccentric standard, marine bronze globe hose valve 5k ,10k, hydraulic / Electric / Pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic diaphragm pump, pneumatic drum pump 591,651, pneumatic piston pump 591,661, Bronze / cast iron / cast steel gate valve, turbo / spiral flange butterfly valve, turbo-Ear butterfly, JIS / Nicholas type oil-water tank air cap, bronze quick off valve F7399, bronze relief valve from the closed F7398, Bronze Hancock F7388/F7387, cast steel valve, marine JIS flange, internal thread ball valve bronze, stainless steel ball valve, bronze Piron valve, JIS bronze hydrant / cho wild-type / DIN / British / American-style fire hydrant, bronze hydrant, bronze gun interface, the air cap, anti-wave valve (754241-754256), Bronze (750121-750155) and 150 (inclusive) bore the following cast iron valves, pneumatic diaphragm pumps (that is, 591601-591616), piston pump 591661/591651.F7399, F7398, F7372,F7358,GB/587,GB/588,GB/595 A&B,591661, American Standard, Germany and the subject of Butterfly (7522X)  and so a range of products.

 You can contact me if you have any request.

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