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Condon belt Co., Ltd.

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Main Business:Habasit,Forbo Siegling,Nitta,Chiorino,Transmission belts,conveyor belt,timing belt,flat belt
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About Us

Condon Belt, 4s' Industrial Belt Supplier.

All belts are original from Europe manufacturing, owned Chinese top advanced processing facilities and technicist. Condon belt established reserve base in Shanghai, supplies belts to domestic outstanding textile industries, medical aparatus and instruments in authoritative hospital institutions. Drew on its superior quality, Condon belt also jumpstarted overseas market recently years to India and Korea etc.

We respond with exquisite expertise and a great deal of experience to those who are in need of industrial belts and solutions all over the world.

Our specialists gained valuable belt working experience and training from globally-renowned industrial belt enterprises and obtained qualification. Our team offer optimal solution to fault management and prevention, able to design conveyor/transmission system and adapt optimal belt using computer software at customers or machinery manufactures. Belts with customized size, open-ended, endless, or surface punching, slotting, gear-shaping, sponge-adding, rubber-adding and non-woven fabrics adding, all is possible in Condon.

Belts we offer: Switzerland HABASIT, Condon belts.

Belt Category: entire volume belts, endless-belts, belts reserved joint point.

Forms of joint approach: finger joint, ground joint, rapid docking, buckle joint.

Special Processing: hole punching and buckle inserting, adding-on service on site for conducting strip, baffle, covered edge, skirt; And more special processing. Calendar’s width upto 4 metre/ 157.5 inch can meet most buyer’s requirement.

Condon Belt--Comprehensive Solutions of industrial transmission, conveying, traction.

Main Products: Habasit, Forbo Siegling, Nitta,Chiorino, Transmission belts, conveyor belt, timing belt, flat belt.



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