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HK Yi Chi International Trading Limited

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Main Business:Chemicals, paint, epoxy resin, chemical intermediate, dye, titanium dioxide, additives, resin, ink
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About Us

        Our company was set up in 2004. Formely was known as Shanghai Yi Chi Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd. Its main business includes international express, internal express, international freight, international shipping, international air transport, conveyance storage, logistics management and other businesses.

With 8 year's steady development, our company has accumulated a wealth of professional experience. Meanwhile, this won the authorization and trust of many chemical factories and enterprises both at home and abroad. In 2012 , the HK Yi Chi International Trading Limited was formally established. It was convenient for all the customers to facilitate various kinds of high quality chemical products and chemical raw materials. Since then, the company developed into a new stage. It provided chemical product purchase, logistics services for the global customers.

With the stability and development of business, our company has established close relationships with lots of major domestic chemical factories. As long as you call and inform us the name of the products, content, CAS, and the standard of quality, we will promptly offer the goods to you. The quality of the required products is guaranteed and the price of which is affordable. Professional logistics schedule and door to door transport service will be provided to you as well.

Chemical sourcing and physical distribution, choose us. That is to choose "simply, fast and safety ". We offer chemical products and services. The categories are as follows: chemical products, chemical reagent, chemicals, chemical intermediate, chemical additive, paint, dope, emulsion paint, powder coating, resin, pigment, dye, reactive dye, disperse dye acid dye, epoxide resin, polyethylene resin, ferric oxide, titanium pigment, carbon black, polypropylene, adhesive, epoxy resin adhesive, colophony, essence, spice, ink, printing ink, polymer, catalyst, pitch, accessory ingredient, food additive, Glauber's salt, lithopone, anticorrosion paint, active carbon, potassium citrate, foam killing agent, glue, chemical raw materials, manure, agricultural pesticide. Welcome friends from all over the world to cooperate with us.


Contact Us

Tel: 86-021-54472302      86-021-60547108

Mobile: 86-13391263615

Fax: 86-021-54472302

QQ: 110918387,1780308277


Skype: huagangyin58, yichimaoyi


Yahoo Messenger:,



Address: No.669, Hang bei Road, Min hang District, Shanghai, China


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