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NanoMaterials Technology Co., Ltd.

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Main Business:Nano calcium carbonate,Two Component Nano Silicone Structural Sealant,Two Component NANO Silicone Se
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About Us

We, NanoMaterials Technology Co., Ltd., are a hi-tech company specializing in research, production, sales and tech services of nano calcium carbonate, nano Silicone Structural Sealant,nano Silicone Sealant for insulating glass. We are located in south of Shanxi and enjoy a good location of road and railway transportation.

We cooperate closely with ultra-gravity research center of Beijing Chemical University and other institutions; and several nano specialists in China are our consultants; we proudly have technicians in nano calcium carbonate, nano Silicone Structural Sealant,nano Silicone Sealant for insulating glass and they are actively involved in our R&D and quality control. We adopt the most advanced technology in nano materials, which makes good use of ultra gravity, much higher than gravity, and controls reaction and crystallization process, hence we obtain high quality nano with small particle sizes and even distribution.

We offer nano calcium carbonate (Nano-precipitated calcium carbonate [NPCC]), nano Silicone Structural Sealant,nano Silicone Sealant for insulating glass, etc, mainly for the applications in plastics, rubber, printing ink, adhesives, asphalt, lubricant grease, car chassis coating, paper making, medical gloves, insulating glass, glass curtain wall, etc. We have received high appraisal from our customers in the areas of silicone adhesives, plastic film, profiles, foamed profiles, pipes, fittings, decoration board, cables, ink, etc.

We highly value our talented personal and spare no efford in commercializing our R&D. We are confident that nano will have an ever bright future.

Contact Us

NanoMaterials Technology Co., Ltd.

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