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E3Z-D61 E3Z-D62


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Post Time: 2018-04
Price: 320
Company: Cai, Huizhou city operation of the electronic products industry, Min  
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 E3Z-D61 E3Z-D62  

OMRON E3Z-D62 Brand Model
Diffusion reflective output

Rating / performance
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------
Detection method based on the radio
(M.S.R. with reflector)
Diffuse reflection type
Item number NPN output E3Z-T61 (K)
E3Z-T66A E3Z-R61/R66 E3Z-R61K E3Z-D61 (K) / D66 E3Z-D62 (K) / D67
PNP output E3Z-T81 (K)
E3Z-T86A E3Z-R81/R86 E3Z-R81K E3Z-D81 (K) / D86 E3Z-D82 (K) / D87
Detection range 15m 30m 10m 4m * 100mm (when using E39-R1S) 3m * 100mm (when using E39-R1) 3m * 150mm (when using E39-R1S) 2m * 100mm (using E39- When R1) 100mm
100 × 100mm) 1m
300 × 300mm)
Beam diameter -
More than the standard test object φ12mm φ75mm more opaque objects opaque objects -
Minimum detectable object -
To be poor - 20% of detecting distance
Point to the angle cast by the light device: the 3 ~ 15 ° 2 ~ 10 ° -
Light source (wavelength)
Infrared light emitting diode
Red LED (660nm)
Infrared diode
Power supply voltage DC12 ~ 24V ± 10% fluctuation (pp) 10% less
Current consumption
Emitter: 15mA
By the optical device: 20mA 30mA the following
Control the output load voltage DC26.4V the following, the load supply current 100mA load current 10mA residual voltage less satisfied: 1V less load current 10 ~ 100mA: 2V the following
Open collector output (NPN / PNP output varies by model)
Light-ON / Dark-ON type switch
Power reverse connection protection circuit protection, output short circuit protection power supply reverse connection protection, output short circuit protection, mutual interference prevention function, the output reverse connection protection
Response time of action, reset: 1ms the following
Rotary knob to adjust the sensitivity in one direction
Lighting by smooth illumination, incandescent: 3,000 lx less sunlight: 10,000 lx the following
Action when the ambient temperature: -25 ~ +55 , Storage: -40 ~ +70 (no icing or condensation)
Action around the humidity: 35 ~ 85% RH, Storage: 35 ~ 95% RH (no freezing)
Insulation Resistance 20MΩ or above (DC500V megger)
Dielectric AC1, 000V 50/60Hz 1min
Vibration Resistance (Endurance) 10 ~ 55Hz double amplitude 1.5mm X, Y, Z each direction 2h
Impact resistance (durability) 500m/s2 X, Y, Z directions 3 times each
IEC standard protection structure IP67 (anti-oil type: IEC standard IP67 (JEM standard IP67f wires, connectors, except))
Connection Lead (standard length 2m/500mm) / M8 connector type / M8 Connectors Trunking (anti-oil type)
Action indicator light (orange) and stability indicator (green) but the power supply device for light indicator (orange)
(Packed state) wire leads
Type of about 120g of about 65g 2m
About 30g of about 20g connector type
M8 connector
About 30g, 50g
Case material polyethylene terephthalate
Department of polyester rubber lens methyl acrylic resin co-polyester co-rubber
Accessories manual, note: retro-reflective panels, installation of metal accessories sold separately
Note. Anti-oil type of retro-reflective type and the standard retro-reflective type detector at different distances.
* Sensor and the distance between the reflective plate, set over the range of values ??.

E3Z-T 2-G0 has cast light stop function, the rating table for this function / performance.
Item detection method
Output in the form of radio type, NPN output: E3Z-T62/T67-G0, PNP output: E3Z-T82/T87-G0
Spot Stop
Only the function of the input <NPN> cast light OFF: 0V short circuit or 1.5V or less (out of current 1mA or less),
Spot ON: Open (leakage current 0.1mA or less)
<PNP> Cast light OFF: + DC (plug side) short circuit or + DC-1.5V or less (sink current 3mA or less), cast light ON: Open (leakage current of 0.1mA or less)
Reset action response time: 0.5ms the following


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Company:Cai, Huizhou city operation of the electronic products industry, Min
Main Business:Color sensors, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensor mass, temperature control, high-speed counter
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 Cai, Huizhou city operation of the electronic products industry, Min   More Products>>>

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