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Tienly Mirror defogger in the bathroom


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Post Time: 2011-10
Company: Shanghai Fuji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.  
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 Tienly Mirror defogger in the bathroom  

    The water vapor sticking to the mirror surface will soon be condensed to fog, which may affect the efficiency of mirror when we are in bathing. Tienly electric mirror defogger is applied to any normal mirror and the result is a crystal clear, fog free mirror (Note: Unheated areas will not remain clear of fog). 

    Tienly mirror defogger deliver heat directly to the mirror, and then the temperature rapidly rising on the surface of mirror. From beginning to the end, the temperature always maintains 8-15 higher than the room temperature. Tienly mirror defoggers are made to produce a fixed number of Watts per square meter. Therefore, the system could run consistently a full power without over-heating.

    What’s more, Tienly mirror defogger have other advantages by retaining mirror in the place in the event of breakage and prolonging the life of mirror by prevention of moisture damage to the mirror silver coatings.

    At present, the kinds of mirror defogger includes PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) Resistance wire defogger is a kind of electric circuit of series connection made of enamel-insulated wire or resistance wire (Ø=0.04-0.1mm), which is so fragile that once a point of the wire is broken, the whole of the mirror defogger will be useless.

    PVC -resistance wire defogger is made of PVC which is easily out of shape and pulling off, and become flexible in summer or frangible in winter, and gradually replaced by PET when manufactured into defoggers.


              PVC-Resistance wire defogger         Pet-Resistance wire defogger


               PET-Resistance wire defogger         Pet-Resistance wire defogger

    Printed circuit defogger,Sandwiched in between two pieces of PET, this kind of mirror defogger is the electric circuit of parallel connection by conductive thick liquid, once a point of the wire is broken, the other part of the mirror defogger remain useful and repeatedly used.


                   Printed circuit defogger            Printed circuit defogger


                       Far IR defogger                     Far IR defogger


                       Far IR  defogger                    Far IR  defogger

   In modeling of free fog area of mirror defogger, square, round and oval are the kind of common figures. In addition, you may select drawing of preventing fog, drilling hole in the membrane and dimension in anti-fog membrane accordance with your needs.

    Mirror defogger technical parameters:

    A: Voltage: 12V-24V, 120V-220V

    B: Input power: 1.6-2.0w/dm2

    C: Thickness: 0.4mm

    Shower mirrors heated by electric demister pads are steam free or fog free!

    Tienly supply many models of bathroom mirror defogger for hotel etc.!

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Company:Shanghai Fuji Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Main Business: mirror heater, mirror heating pads, de-misting pads,mirror defogger
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