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Multimedia Publishing System


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Post Time: 2016-11
Company: Kazo Vision  
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 Multimedia Publishing System  
Multimedia Publishing System Abstract This is a common information publishing software, it can help you easily edit and distribute medias to all types of display devices. It will manager various of devices with the same interface, which will help user edit and playback the media information easily. This system also supports network operation, automatically scheduling, shortcuts control, and external control interface, etc. We are providing different versions of system to meet each kind of needs: ? Standalone Version (Free Download): You can use the EDITOR with a single PLAYER on one computer, which could show contents on the display device directly. ? Network Version: For some case you have some display devices control by several computers. You can form all these computers into a local area network, and with our PLAYER module on each computer, you can control all these devices through the EDITOR at any node in the network. It will be convenient for you to control all these devices. ? Advanced Network Version: We introduced the multi-level account management function to the Network Version. Each user could only control the display devices in his authority. All user could publish the contents independently, contents will be shown on the display device alternately. And the administrator could delete other user's contents. ? WEB Version: For some bigger case, for example, all your display devices separated in some factories or communities, which could not connect with the local area network. You can use this version of system to control all devices just with WEB browser. You can put all contents into the schedule system, and our transfer server will help you publish them automatically. Main Functions Base Function: ? Divide the screen into several areas, contents could display on each area separately. Could create several screen divide style in the same time, they will be displayed by sequence. ? Support all kinds of media formats: videos, video signal, Flash movie, image, text, MS Word doc, MS Excel sheet, MS PowerPoint presentation, database, analog clock, etc. And several visual effects make the materials more activity. ? Full visualization edit procedure. You could preview the effect directly on the EDITOR, and make a modification quickly. The playing contents will not be interrupt during the edit procedure. ? Auto schedule function, help you publish the contents at appointed time automatically. ? Create and store the periodicity contents on the PLAYER, implement the real scheduling display. ? Statistics for published contents, record the start and stop time for each media item exactly. The statistics information could be query by several type of conditions, and could be export to EXCEL sheet. ? Security modules could protect the system, only authorized user could modify the contents on the display devices. Network Version Function: ? No limititation of the PLAYERs' count in the LAN, all operations to these PLAYERs could be done on the EDITOR directly. ? The PLAYER is totally unattended operation, auto start when system startup. ? Intelligent file transfer function, transfer the media files automatically during the playback of contents. Auto check and update the media files. ? Remote monitor the contents on the PLAYERs. Advaned Network Version Function: ? An independent pc for account management. All EDITORs must login the server to start the operations. ? Set the permissions for each user. The user could only control the display devices in his authority. ? The published contents for all users will be saved on the PLAYER, they will be displayed by sequence. ? High level user could modify or delete other user's contents on each PLAYER. WEB Version Function: ? Each PLAYER could be connected into WAN directly. User will use the WEB browser to publish contents. ? Define a group for several display devices. The contents could be publish to the device group directly. ? Scheduling the contents, the published contents could be modified at any time. ? Statistics for all published contents on the WEB server. ? Multi user authority management, and LOG record for the operation of each user. Extendable Functions Following functions only be included in our professional systems, you can contact us for the detail. Seamless Video flip There will be no blank screen (always in black) during the player flip from one video to another. It will mix all videos or images together during the playback. You could got the outstanding playback effect with it. Text to Speech Simulation the human speech during playback the text materials. GSM Message Receiver You could send the text message to our GSM module, which will display the received text on the screen immediately. So you could publish the information even if you are not by the side of the computer. Power Control By cooperate with our Power Control Device, you can turn on or off the device's power within the software (even with wireless method). You also could config it to let the power turn on at morning and off at evening automatically. Extra Control Interface We also providing the control protocol based on RS232. So you can develop your own control device to send the command, it could help you switch the playing medias even when you are far away from the computer.

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Company:Kazo Vision
Main Business:Digital Signage System , Multimedia Publishing System , Video Synchronize System , 3D Photo Navig
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