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Post Time: 2016-11
Company: Kazo Vision  
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NETWORK ADVERTISEMENT ISSUE SYSTEM System characteristic this system is suits each kind of network advertisement operation business use the advertisement issue system, it contains the advertisement program the edition, the distribution, the broadcast, the management and the statistics and so on many kinds of functions.Can long-distance carry on the program through the Internet the distribution and the terminal control, and has the rich function, adapts the different demand advertisement demonstration situation. System structure this system carries on all terminals by a WEB server the unification to monitor and to manage, installs in each place terminal only needs to turn on the Internet, then the automatic realization and the WEB server communication, all terminals will meet the current condition to feed back the server regularly, and will receive each kind of program document automatically, the realization fixed time broadcasts. Uses in the advertisement broadcast each kind of media document, may by the user when the issue program uploads to the WEB server on, also may upload in advance to the independent media server on, is the WEB server differential pressure, even may use in some building establishes a region server the way, realizes the media document unification downloading function which in this region all terminals use.All these working does not need any complex establishment, and may cut willfully in the use process. The terminal software supports each kind of video frequency, Flash, the picture, the homepage, as well as the captions reality, and contains the Taiwan sign to demonstrate, automatic volume control, automatic close-down, functions and so on automatic digit dialing surfer.In view of the networking terminal, all broadcast content, as well as the system establishment information all may through the network long-distance renewal, but non-networking terminal, then may contain the configuration files through the manual insertion the superior plate way to renew. In this system terminal software, but also supports between many terminals the synchronized video frequency broadcast, thus may realize the combined picture broadcast effect. The system requests 1.WEB management system management system: Uses Linux the operating system the WEB server, enters the terminal according to the company whether in the place quite dispersible many areas, can choose the turning on Internet, or only uses in the local area network. 2. broadcasts the terminal: Any based on X86, ARM or the MIPS construction hardware system, uses the Linux operating system, according to the picture resolution as well as the broadcast content which finally needs are different, is also different to the hardware performance request. 3. source material editions: Uses the Windows system. System truncation chart WEB management system management system: Broadcasts the terminal:

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Company:Kazo Vision
Main Business:Digital Signage System , Multimedia Publishing System , Video Synchronize System , 3D Photo Navig
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