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Monolaurate GML


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Post Time: 2018-04
Price: 18600
Company: Guoli Chemical Co., Ltd.  
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Fatty acid ester [size] type of fatty acid esters code specifications monostearate GMS GMO non-ionic monooleate nonionic monolaurate propylene glycol fatty acid ester non-ionic GML propylene glycol monostearate BPMS non-ionic C glycol monooleate BPMO propylene glycol monolaurate nonionic BPML non-ionic iso-octanol-ethylhexyl fatty acid stearic acid ester non-ionic EHMS other 12, 14 non-ionic alcohol oleate Triethanolamine single CMO oil ester emulsifiers FM cation (special specifications can be developed on behalf of processing.) Specification Technical index Appearance (25 ) Acid value mgKOH / g Saponification value mgKOH / g content (%) HLB value of GMS creamy white to pale yellow wax ≤ 3 163 ~ 170 ≥ 99% ~ 3.5 GMO yellow to reddish brown liquid ≤ 3 152 ~ 162 ≥ 99% ~ 3.5 GML yellow paste ≤ 3 210 ~ 220 ≥ 99% ~ 5.0 BPMS yellowish to white solid ≤ 5 166 ~ 176 ≥ 99% BPMO amber liquid ≤ 5 160 ~ 170 ≥ 99% BPML yellow to amber paste ≤ 5 212 ~ 222 ≥ 99% EHMS colorless to pale yellow oily substance ≤ 5 140 ~ 152 ≥ 99% CMO yellow transparent oily ≤ 3 115 ~ 125 ≥ 99% emulsifier FM reddish brown viscous liquid ≤ 5 120 ~ 140 ≥ 99% 3 ~ 5 (W / O) ~ 9.5 (O / W) [application] performance and specifications Performance and application of GMS This product is not soluble in water, has a good w / o type emulsion performance. In the food industry for the production of candy, chocolate products, emulsifiers, foaming agents cake, milk defoamers, pigment dispersants in the oil, pharmaceutical industry, as ointments, creams, suppositories, wash agents, gas agent emulsifier, stabilizer, lubricants, defoamers, Japanese chemical industry as emulsifiers, lubricants, shampoo, detergent; also used for PE, PP, PVC internal antistatic agents, general usage in the 0.5 ~ 2.0%. GMO This product is not soluble in water, emulsifying, thickening, foaming performance. In the Japanese chemical industry, for the production of cream, cream cosmetics, shampoo, washing liquid emulsifier, thickener, sunscreens, antifoaming agent, used as a textile finishing agent, also used as a pigment grinding additives. Also used for PE, PP, PVC internal antistatic agent, usually the amount of 0.5 to 2.0%. GML This product is not soluble in water, emulsifying, lubricating properties, widely used in food, cosmetics, textiles, leather and other industries. BPMS 1, this product does not dissolve in water, emulsifying, lubricating, solubilization properties. 2, the food industry, as a cake emulsifier, Japanese chemical industry, for the cream, cream cosmetics, increase product lubricity, delicate, stability, moisture resistance, the pharmaceutical industry as ointment, cream , emulsion, suppository emulsifier. BPMO This product is not soluble in water, emulsifying, lubricating properties, widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, leather, paints, plastics, pesticides and other industries. BPML This product is not soluble in water, the emulsifier is mainly used for shampoo, sunscreen, also used for pigment grinding additives. EHMS This product is not soluble in water, soluble in most solvents, mineral oil, vegetable oils, textile oils used in lubricants and rust inhibitors, but also for the paper industry in the plasticizer. CMO 1, this product does not dissolve in water, soluble in mineral oils and most organic solvents, is a good lubricant. 2, the product can be used as softeners and lubricants. For chemical synthesis, modification of mineral oil lubrication. Cutting oil can be prepared, laminated oil, textiles, oil and rust inhibitors. Applied to chemical agents, protective equipment and paint coatings. Emulsifier FM 1, the product dispersed in water, into the emulsion state, soluble oils, used oil emulsifier. 2, in the metal, used for ferrous metals, aluminum washing, lubrication, polishing and anti-rust treatment. 3, the processing of pesticides, as pesticides, w / o emulsifier. 4, in the ink industry, for the preparation of ink, paint and latex paint w / o emulsifier, pigment brightening, improve their mobility; lake in the color pigments added to the solution of coupling product 3 to 5% mobility of the pigment significantly improved products, while allowing bright color bright color; ink manufacturing of emulsifiers, oils and fats in the preparation of pigment inks to add ink to the rapid onset of emulsification, easy kneading rolling pulp can improve the ink's brilliance, and finished lubricating liquid, the dosage is generally 2 to 6%. [Packing & Storage] 200Kg iron drum, 50Kg plastic drum. As a general chemical storage and transportation. Store in a dry ventilated place. Shelf life of two years.

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Company: Guoli Chemical Co., Ltd.
Main Business:Surfactant
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