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Disinfectant Vegetable Washer


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Post Time: 2017-08
Company: Qingdao Healther Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd  
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 Disinfectant Vegetable Washer  

1£¬With automatic water, cleaning, drainage and dewatering capabilities and automatic disinfection.

   Fruits and vegetables on the basket, the vegetables and automatic completion of your procedures, the use of rotary water falls, according to different washing items, (such as grape strawberry fruit, vegetables, seafood, meat, etc.) can choose two times (gently) or three times (standard) of the washing procedure, thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits on the stains.


2,Bactericidal reactive oxygen species and pesticide degradation function

     It has a bactericidal reactive oxygen species and pesticide degradation function, can kill bacteria, removal of pesticide residues on vegetables, is an efficient non-polluting characteristics, are really green disinfection.


3, activity-type washing basket

     The use of unique design, so that washing basket can be easily removed. In this way, after cleaning and disinfection after the vegetables can be directly poured into the pan, the more convenient and easier to avoid secondary pollution.


4, a unique feature dehydration

 Of vegetables, fruits and other items can be a separate dehydration.


5, cleaning a wide range

 Can wash vegetables, fruits, meat and all kinds of seafood, you can wash rece, washing all kinds of beans and other items. The use of centrifugal flow rotary Falls water flow, bubble explosion washed and reactive oxygen species of strong oxidation, put visible and invisible stains viruses, bacteria and pesticide residues, all-round perspective of many thorough clean.


6, the ad hoc functional tableware disinfection

 Immediately after start easy and fast to achieve day-to-day tableware disinfection function; bottle of children, toys, toothbrushes and other items were disinfected. To protect you and your family away from the start with the mouth of the threat, a thorough health defend family.


7, air purification function

Anion unique device, resulting in 4,000,000 anions, thoroughly clean up the air, the elimination of interior odor.


8, no detergent, green environmental protection

    Washing process does not add any detergent, will not cause secondary pollution. Fruits and vegetables from the back of finished water can be used for mopping, washing cloths, table disinfection, etc.; simultaneously carry out disinfection of sewage. ;

 9, transparent window, the entire cleaning process bactericidal Jiedu visualization monitoring, security assured

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Company:Qingdao Healther Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd
Main Business:Disinfectant Vegetable Washer
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