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Oil diethanolamide ODEA


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Post Time: 2018-04
Price: 14000
Company: Guoli Chemical Co., Ltd.  
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 Oil diethanolamide ODEA  

Fatty acid diethyl amide
Chemical Composition condensation of fatty acid and diethanolamine
[Type] Non-ionic

[Technical index]
(25 )
Solid content
Total amine value
(MgKOH / g)
Acid value
(MgKOH / g)
pH value
(1% solution)

Oleic acid diethyl amide ODEA
Yellow viscous liquid
≥ 99
≤ 45
≤ 15
8 ~ 11

Stearic acid diethyl amide SDEA
Creamy white to pale yellow solid
≥ 99
≤ 45
≤ 20
8 ~ 11

Lauric acid diethyl amide LDEA
Creamy white to pale yellow solid
≥ 99
≤ 55
≤ 15
8 ~ 11


ODEA 1, dispersed in water, soluble in common organic solvents, have good emulsifying, anti-static, anti-fog, anti-friction and anti-rust properties. 2, used as oil additives; polymer antistatic agents, anti-friction agent; boiler cleaning rust dispersant; fiber processing lubricants. SDEA1, dispersed in water, in water to form gels, soluble in common organic solvents, has good emulsifying, lubricating, thickening, shading and washing performance. 2, in the textile industry as lubricants and softening agents; in cosmetics as a cream ointment, lotion and sunscreen products, emulsifiers. LDEA1, dispersed in water, soluble in common organic solvents, has good foaming, stability, thickening, permeability, corrosion resistance and washing resistance, compatibility with other actives good. 2, in the textile auxiliaries used as detergents, thickeners, foaming agents and corrosion inhibitors; as copper and iron rust inhibitor; for shampoo, light-duty detergent and liquid soap as a foam stabilizer and the viscosity degree modifier.

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Company: Guoli Chemical Co., Ltd.
Main Business:Surfactant
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