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Bar Code Data Collector Laser Barcode Scanner STABLE STB-8200


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Post Time: 2017-03
Price: $270
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 Bar Code Data Collector Laser Barcode Scanner STABLE STB-8200  
1. Product instruction
1.1 instructions and Features

   Wireless barcode collector is a kind of distinctive wireless barcode scanning product on the market, which combines functions of wireless barcode scanner and simple wireless data collector. We can use it without any programming. It has keyboard and screen, can achieve the functions which the wireless barcode scanner can’t do. For example, if the barcode is damaged and not scannable, you can input through the keyboard; it can display the current wireless and battery capacity and so on. The wireless base station communicated with hand-held terminal adopts USB interface, to simulate keyboard mode, can use it without any driver.
  Using a laser barcode scanning engine with rapid scanning speed and large depth of field, it can meet the needs of most industries. Most of the laser scanners in current market still use 8-bit SCM(single chip microcomputer) to complete the decoding, but the decoding of wireless barcode collector adopts 32-bit ARM CPU which is ten times faster and makes the decoding faster and more accurate.
   It has the simple barcode data collection function, can support the offline batch scanning mode, you can scan and save a maximum of 50,000 bar code data once. After the collection, you can transmit the data in centralized to a computer. For many simple applications of barcode collection, it can directly replace the originally used inventory machine which is expensive and complex, greatly reducing the cost of purchasing and usage.

   The wireless frequency is 433M, two-way communication, there is a wireless signal strength instruction on the screen. It can support a maximum of 99 wireless channels, you can use 99 units at the same time and that will not interfere each other; Each can support 255 devices in maximum, but actually there might be conflict in the same , it’s better to use less than 10 devices at the same time in the same . In a unobstructed space, the transmission distance can be 50-100 meters; If there is larger interference or need to pass through several walls, the wireless communication distance may be shortened. The reason why the Bluetooth is not used is that transmission distance of Bluetooth is very short, generally not more than 10 meters. And Bluetooth adopts 2.4G ultra high frequency, the passing through obstacles capability of which is a lot weaker than that of 433M. Meanwhile before using the Bluetooth device of the matching PC terminal, need to install the driver, the operation is more complicated.
1.2 Technical Parameter
   (1) 32-bit high-speed ARM series CPU
   (2) FLASH Memory: 2MB, contains all the secondary character fonts, the available data space for users is 1.8M
    (3) Power Supply: 2 PCS of battery(size AA) (it is recommended to use 1600-2400mah NiH rechargeable battery), support USB port charging.
   (4) Display: 128x64 FSTN LCD screen, support 5-row 10-line character display, with bright blue backlight.
   (5) Size: 167 x 65 (55) x 30 (24) mm, about 150 g
   (6) 26-key standard data collector keyboard, with the same keyboard layout of and DENSO's.
   (7) Standby time: more than half year (depends on the remained battery capacity), the power consumption is.much lower than most similar devices on the market.
   (8) Continuous operating time: 50-100 hours, can scan 10,000 times at least.
    (9) Support shutdown protection, you can switch on and off at any time, and also support auto-shutdown.
   (10) Barcode scanning mode: 650ns laser
Scanning Depth of field: 3-35cm (13mil EAN13 barcode)
Scan barcode width: 20cm or less
Readable barcode types: EAN13, EAN8, 39 code, 93 code, 128 code, crossing 25 code (IT25), Codabar, UPCA, UPCE etc.
    (11) Wireless communication adopts 433M wireless data transmission dedicated chip, to make the data transmission with high reliability.
  Wireless frequency: 433M, two-way communication, two-way data transmission verification
 Wireless maximum transmit power: +10 dB
 Wireless receiving sensitivity:-102dB
 Wireless : 99
 The number of devices per : 255
 Wireless signal strength indicator
 Wireless communication adopts high reliability CRC verification, to ensure the accuracy of the wireless data transmission.
 (12) Wireless base stations and hand-held terminal are matched to use, a base station can be equipped with up to three hand-held terminal in practical application. Wireless base station adopts USB interface, keyboard simulation mode, can access to WINDOWS without driver. For special applications, wireless base stations can also provide a serial interface used for connected with the device.
1.3 Application
   Wireless barcode collector can completely replace the traditional wireless scanning gun, in fact, it is a more powerful wireless scanning gun, only the appearance is different from traditional wireless scanning gun. It’s especially suitable for barcode scanning of logistics, large goods and large warehouse. And its keyboard and screen provide the functions which the wireless barcode scanner can not achieve, such as entering barcode manually, reviewing the scanned barcode, monitoring wireless signal strength, monitoring the battery capacity etc.
   The wireless transmission distance is up to 50-100 meters, therefore it can also be used as inventory device in a small supermarket, small bookstore and small warehouse.
   It’s not only a wireless barcode scanner, but also has the simple function of barcode collection and storage, a internal FLASH memory can store up to 50,000 barcodes. It’s also suitable for the applications, such as barcode collection of office equipment, clothing inventory, purchasing and shipping inventory, and other similar applications .

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