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Portulaca extract- liquid -1-1.5%


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Post Time: 2017-01
Price: $31/kg
Company: Shanxi HuaTai Bio-fine chemical Co. Ltd.,  
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 Portulaca extract- liquid -1-1.5%  


Purslane extract Portulaca extract-liquid
Purslane extract "Portulaca extract". Purslane in China also said that longevity grass, often used in civil use. Purslane rich in a large number of flavonoids, like adrenaline, more sugar and various vitamins, amino acids and other compounds. The drug can cure many diseases.
”īpurslane extract role: anti-skin allergies, stimulating, anti-inflammatory and Qudou
   1, in the internal areas: anti-inflammatory, Zhili, the treatment of diabetes, lowering blood glucose and all kinds of pain.
   2, in topical areas: treatable skin sores and boils suppurative disease, eczema, sore paint, dermatitis, skin itching and pain are very good effect.
   3, in cosmetics: mainly used for anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory anti-inflammatory and anti-skin on the outside of stimulation, Qudou function. Especially for long-term use of hormones cosmetic skin allergies are the obvious anti-allergy effect.
”īuse: This product is widely used, for a variety of cosmetics, can add to Ximian Nai, shower, Savle, such as latex and Zhe Li, also can add to all kinds of skin care products, hair care products (in Hair care products in the anti-dandruff function).
”īcharacters: pale yellow liquid, the smell of the characteristics of smell, PH value 4-6
”īdose: 1% --- 6%
”īdetection methods: HPLC
”īcontent: 1-1.5%
”īpackaging: sealed, moisture-proof. 5-20kg / plastic bucket

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Companyļ¼šShanxi HuaTai Bio-fine chemical Co. Ltd.,
Main Businessļ¼š Natural plant food additives; Natural plant cosmetics;
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