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Tianshan erm Lycopene capsule£¨7.5ml£©


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Post Time: 2012-10
Price: 298.00RMB
Company: XinJiangTianshan erm Biological Technology Co., Ltd.  
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 Tianshan erm Lycopene capsule£¨7.5ml£©  


By virtue of this unpolluted land, 14-hour shining hours in daytime, and larger temperature gap between day and night as well as the fields irrigated by glaciers and snow mountains, Lycopene native to Xinjiang is well accepted as the best of its kind in the world and largest yield in Asia.

Unique Lycopene branded by Tianjian Qikang contains antioxidant element ten times as much as ordinary ones, whose effect of quenching free radical is unrivalled by ordinary products, which is 100 times stronger than vitamin E and twice stronger than B-carotene. It is honored by experts as "gold plant ', which might protect men from worry, keep women youthful and isolate cancer cells from mankind!
Highlights of Lycopene branded by Tianjian Qikang
1 Adoption of low-temperature extracting technique makes the product biologically active.
2.Extracting process fails to change the natural environment of Lycopene and keeping products stable.
The nutritional and healthy effects of Lycopene are shown as follows:
(1) Prostate health, prevention against male sterility and improvement in male fertility: male prostate outer part has multi-layer reticular fibre, hardly immune to inflammation or germ. Once affected, ordinary drugs seldom takes effect. Lycopene is delivered to all the organs of a body through lipoprotein, with the highest intensity in orchis and prostate. It will quench free radical and eliminate virus to invade prostate so as to stop prostate from catching virus. Lycopene can readjust prostate liquid so that PH value might be maintained at 6 - 6.5 to provide sperm with comfortable setting, enhance sperm activity and raise male fertility perfromance.
(2) Functions of preventing cancer risk, helping resist against tumor and multiplying factors of cancer cells: curbing the increase of insulin that might lead to cancer-cells spread or having the function of preventing cell cancerous change and checking cancer-cells transfer to multiply the factor α-TGF. Lycopene is adopted to prevent cancer cells from recurring, transfering and spreading. For formed tumor, it helps transmit signals between cells, check touch, split and induce cancer cells to put them right. Clinic practice proves that lycopene takes obvious effect on prostatic cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, carcinoma of colon, esophagus cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer and cervical carcinoma.
(3) Breast and womb care: Lycopene curbs breast-cancer cells MCF7 twice as much as B-carotene inextracorporal liquid culture. It might promote female breast growth and diminish incidence of breast cancer. Illinois University in America comparative research indicates female with lower content of Lycopene takes risk of catching cervical carcinoma five times as much as those with higher content of Lycopene.Journal of World Cancer Research has published the result of five hundred ovary cancer cases, breast cancer cases and 523 healthy females examined by BRIGHAM Female Hospital, namely : taking 16-20grams of Lycopene on daily basis helps cut down the incidence of ovary cancer and breast cancer. Lycopene also assists in pregnancy, promote ovulation, increase fertilization and reduce premenstrual symptom.
(4) Delaying aging by antioxidation: In the process of human's cell metabolic respiration, active oxygen element turns to be free radical with volatile nature to rob other big molecule and chemical compound of electrons before seeking for its structural balance. In such a chain reactions , free radicals attack a body's cell membrane, DNA, fat and protein, weaken cell's absoption of nutrition and ability of discharging wastes, thus leaving cells disfunctional and aged. Lycopene is a powerful oxidant of quenching ten thousand or more free radicals, whose anti- oxidation ß is twice as much as B-carotene and one hundred times as much as vitamin E.Taking 16 grams of carotene a day can help delay aging of all the organs, enhance skin anti-oxidation and make skin smooth and glossy.
(5) Resisting radiation and beautifying skin: carotene plays a role of activating immune cells. Meanwhile, Lycopene also has ability to resist against radiation from ultraviolet and electronic radioactive rays so as to protect outdoor staff workers and frequent computer operators from having solar spot and radiation patch to reach beautifying function.
(6) Readjusting blood fat to prevent cardio-cerebral vascular diseases: cardio-cerecular blood vessel is a passage for energy transmission. The fat in blood (cholesterol for example insoluable in blood) is carried by fat protein. LDL with low intensity carried to cells by liver and heart are likely to be attacked by free radicals until cholesterol deposits and contributes to arteriosclerosis, thus blocking blood flow, reducing cardio nutrition and thermal reaction, leading to coronary disease cerebral stroke etc. Lycopene can clean garbage in blood vessel, readjust cholesterol intensity in blood plasma and protect LDL from being oxidized. It can recover the fully oxidized cells, promote the formation of gum between cells and enhance vessel pliability.


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Company:XinJiangTianshan erm Biological Technology Co., Ltd.
Main Business:Health and health care products
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