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Shanghai household cleaning cleaning company Shanghai family procter & gamble company


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Post Time: 2014-06
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Company: Riu Jiu cleaning service co., LTD  
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 Shanghai household cleaning cleaning company Shanghai family procter & gamble company  

Shanghai family tools used for the cleaning company: large vacuum suction machine, multi-function suit the brushing machine, glass tools (windshield, etc.), extended rod, ladders, bucket, duster, shovel, wiper, with special cleaning tools such as water.
(2) family cleaning agents used in:

Almighty cleaning water cleaner, glass cleaning agent, ceramic tile, ceramic cleaner, stripping agent, highly-effective cleaning agent, acidic detergent, clean lavatory agent stainless steel cleaning agents, brightener, stainless steel furniture wax, etc.

(3) the family fine cleaning program:

Family is for indoor cleaning forest consolidate again after cleaning, also known as the fine cleaning.On the basis of forest cleaning to do cleaning, more can reflect the use value of the building, let owner trust of owning and using.Forest cleaning is because decorate a legacy of the handling of besmirch, garbage, dust, etc., but good cleaning is on the basis of forest cleaning, the room once again more careful cleaning, pay attention to in detail by relative forest cleaning, although had the forest procter & gamble, but there will still be some dust falling, so fine cleaning still needs to be thoroughly cleaning and maintenance.

Household cleaning the site construction:

1, glass cleaning, use towel to wipe the glass box first, reoccupy coating machine with diluted water glass solution, from top to bottom evenly daub onto the glass, and then use glass scraper clean from top to bottom, then wipe with a dry towel box door on the left of water mark, water mark on the glass with machine skin to wipe clean.

2, toilet cleaning: use a wet towel on cleaner all-round wipe from top to bottom, forest cleaning dead Angle, handling of fittings and stainless steel pipe fittings, etc., and all-round with dry towel to wipe it again.

3, clean the kitchen: once again, a full range of wiping with a wet towel over again, on the ground and the place such as corner, kitchen utensils and appliances and various kinds of stainless steel pipe fittings, and then repeat it again with a dry towel, curing liquid to wipe all kinds of stainless steel pipe fittings of stainless steel.

Cleaning: 4, bedroom and hall with a feather duster to remove dust on metope, wipe the outlet and switch box, air conditioning, exhaust, etc.

5, door and frame's cleaning: the folded towel square, from top to bottom is wiped, remove the glue stains, such as wipe the door frame, door Angle easily ignored by way of place, such as comprehensive cleaning, spray on furniture wax.

6, ground cleaning: forest cleaning legacy of handling of paint, glue points such as stains, then use cleaner to clean the ground.

7, seed line cleaning: comprehensive with a wet towel to wipe, no clean off the paint handling of points, with a dry towel to wipe again after points material and spray furniture wax.

Acceptance of the household cleaning work

The company has always insisted on comprehensive cleaning, not satisfied with the working system of without paying for it, so when after the completion of the cleaning work of the first time you need to personally check and accept.Acceptance in order to avoid long time not cause secondary pollution, the key part of acceptance is easy to overlook such as doors and Windows, cabinets, glass mesa area, we must do glass without water mark, mesa no stain.

We have 24 hours to provide you with the best service!

Customer's needs, our pursuit!


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Contact person: Mr Liang

Phone: 13045655265

Telephone: 021-66515206

Address: Shanghai south road 1210

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Company:Riu Jiu cleaning service co., LTD
Main Business:Disinfectant cleaning services, floor waxing, Shanghai second-hand housing, rental housing cleaning
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