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Five of two vanadium oxidation furnace


Post Time: 2017-11
Price: 1000000RMB
Company: Xianyang Languang Thermal Technology Co., Ltd.  
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 Five of two vanadium oxidation furnace  

A device and process conditions of use.

1 equipment type: HB-Co70 600;

2 application: powder or granular materials in the atmosphere (or air) by reaction sintering;

3 The atmosphere inside the furnace atmosphere protection: 3 oxygen (or air)��?/p>

4 material characteristics: loose granular materials, no acid and alkali corrosive ingredients;

5 sintering time: A350 ��?corresponds to 2 h; or B520 ��?corresponds to 2 h; (heating calcining time is according to the customer the collected parameters);

6 fill rate: product tube peak filling rate is about 17%~20% (according to the material flow and constant);

7 material parameters (purchase to provide):

Temperature: B520 ��?or A350

The calcining time: A350 ��?for 2hr, or 520 ��?for 2hr;

The furnace environment: oxidation environment

The furnace material: the part in contact with the material of 316L

Heating method: indirect electric heating, the heating wire tube heating;

A, B processing capacity: 3.20 tons of /d respectively;

The material output: 2.50 tons (/d; loss of burned 23%);

Use method: 24 hours of continuous production

Use method: 24 hours of continuous production

Two equipment operating conditions.

1 plant or laboratory;

2 ambient temperature 0~40 control region c;

3 the ground flat, non corrosive gas.

Three basic configuration.

1 power configuration: 380V/220V, 50Hz;

Power supply: 2 ≥ 230kw ± 10%; (two sets)

Power supply: 2 ≥ 230kw ± 10%; (two sets)

3: oxidation environment atmosphere furnace.

The four device characteristics.

1 all refractory and insulation materials all adopt the aluminum silicate fiber vacuum casting casting module and lightweight aluminum silicate fiber blanket, high thermal efficiency, light, thin, energy saving, simple construction, so that the kiln using power is far less than the other products of the same type, which greatly reduces the production cost;

2 using the standard 316L North America Import alloy (with material report) as kiln rotary furnace, furnace tube does not fall off, do not degenerate;

The humanity design 3 bespoke, exterior spray equipment, with modeling design safety protection cover, humanistic indication label and warning, the same level the equipment throughout the manufacturing accuracy and appearance of the exterior to import equipment.

Five, the technical data of equipment

HB – Co 70 · 600

Furnace tube length (unit: cm)

Furnace tube diameter (unit: cm)

Production system (continuous)

HotBlue (HB)

The rotary body size: the inscribed circle of Φ 700mm × L6000mm (body wall thickness: 12mm; support and sealing parts wall thickness: 12mm-24mm);

Among them, the preheating section: 500mm, firing period of 4300 mm, 1200 mm cooling section;

The size of the equipment: L * W * H= * 1650mm * 2050mm (9000mm+2500mm) (the final design data shall prevail) (B furnace in the L 2500mm length of two stage cooling system, the length can be vertically; A furnace in the L only conveying not forced cooling; the relationship between A, B furnace according to the the situation of the vertical display);

Operating temperature: A, B ≤ 550 ��?/p>

Heating method: electric heating;

The maximum heating power: 105kW ± 10% per set; (in general, the actual power consumption when using normal temperature is only rated power of 50%-60%, the specific use of data and material of specific heat and heat of reaction);

Heating control: PID control, phase shift trigger;

Furnace tube material: heat resistant alloy (North America Import);

Refractory material: aluminum silicate fiber module and a blanket;

The cylinder speed: 0.2 ~ 2.5 RPM (range adjustable);

The furnace body inclination: 0 ~ 1 degrees (range adjustable);

Feeding mode: rotary feed conveying;

Heating region number: 6 District heating;

The temperature control precision is ± 2 ��?

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