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Luminous T-shirt


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Post Time: 2014-09
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Company: Dongguan city over electronic technology co., LTD  
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 Luminous T-shirt  

Luminous T-shirt is by emitting, drives and cables and clothes of the four parts, glowing piece "company Luminescent" (electric excitation light) referred to as the "EL", it is a kind of conversion of electrical energy to light energy technology, combined with a variety of material to produce light, no heat because of its working process, so commonly known as "cold light". Cold light of the manufacturing process: on the transparent conductive film covered phosphorescent materials and dielectric material (ceramic) and silver (aluminum, copper, graphite, etc.) pulp, plus back support, so then you can form a cold light tablets, then add power and makes (INVERTER). Operating principle: cold light tablets is a device that converts electrical energy to light, is the most typical form of the phosphorescent material sandwiched between two conductive electrode (one electrode is to allow the light transmission). The brightness of the cold light tablets can be through the control operation voltage and frequency to change. (different range of voltage and frequency would change the luminescence brightness or color) EL cold light with light soft, flexible uniform brightness, volume, thin, flexible, no heat, optional the gender is good, bright colors, high visibility, low consumption, high voltage, electric heat disaster, electromagnetic radiation, strong performance, resistance to ultraviolet, and many other advantages to penetrate the fog.


Cold light T-shirt with a drive cable is used to control the image.


Connecting both ends is pin type, each connecting images and drive, free discharge, when cleaning is not fixed and sealed in the inside of the clothes.


There are two kinds of drives, flash drive, adjustable acoustic driver and five were 7 alkaline batteries, each control 5-6 hours of continuous light.




2) adjustable acoustic driver and five flash drive, voice control is a sound audio can be to control the frequency of the flashing, five flash drive is fixed in the production of five eight flashing mode, open the power switch it will flash. The inside of the several kinds of flashing mode is fixed, but the way you can pick and choose the flashing, slightly less than the acoustic price.


3) lights have fixed on clothes and with the magic stick two ways, the cost on the Velcro is on the high side, but for the sake of customers have a better competitive, the price we two are unified.


4) light after testing the life of a luminous brightness in 3000 ~ 5000 hours, and in 3000 ~ 5000 hours after the brightness.


The cold light T-shirt - drive types and differences ?/p>


Adjustable acoustic driver - the size according to the outside world sound drive next to the small knob, thus to control the sensitivity of light flashing. With 4 section 7 batteries.


5 flash 8 period of drive - the voice control, manual regulation drive next to the small buttons and gear, to control the light flashing effect, can be manually choose eight kinds of flashing way. In 2 section 7 battery.



The cold light T-shirt - how to use a different drive ?/p>


With the use of adjustable acoustic driver: first into 4 section 7 battery position [right] pay attention to the cable under the condition of positive and negative level.


Then open the switch, if have good connection drive without blinking, first check the attachment and did drive reverse, in turn connected, finally adjust knob to see next to drive flickering sensitivity.


With the use of flash drive five: first, in section 2 batteries, open the switch, drive small round button beside the adjustable flashing in different ways, small round knob gear under the different frequency band can be adjusted.

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Company:Dongguan city over electronic technology co., LTD
Main Business:Specializing in the production of luminous T-shirt luminous hold pillow LEDT T-shirt electronic guit
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