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water spray stuck 3000L


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Post Time: 2018-05
Price: 910000
Company: Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co., LTD  
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 water spray stuck 3000L  

                                           Sprinkler maintenance matters needing attention
Sprinkler maintenance should pay attention to matters, many users buy the sprinkler, don't know what place need maintenance, maintenance, first to buy new sprinkler maintenance can refer to "sprinkler maintenance manual", it will tell users what is need regular inspection, replacement parts.In addition, there are some is the place where maintenance manual does not mention also need maintenance, it is important to note that users in the use of sprinkler.
Sprinkler maintenance matters on what is on maintenance manual?Basically has the following six aspects:
Often, sprinkler U bolt fastening
Sprinkler u-shaped bolt is mainly for sprinkler tank by the fixed line, are often need to tighten, because of the sprinkler tank and chassis girders rubber gasket between the mat with a layer of wood, when the sprinkler is in use, tank filled with water inside, sprinkler chassis carrying quantity is big, it's U bolt will be due to the wooden pads are loosening of compressive deformation and appear, then you need to tighten bolts, many users after buying the sprinkler don't know U bolt fastening, need often lead to sprinkler tank shift.
Second, check the sprinkler piping system
Sprinkler piping system need to check and see if seal is in good condition, whether there is a leak, check sprinkler valve switch, suction pipe, rubber mat etc, the advantage is to prevent leakage phenomenon, affects the use of sprinkler.
Third, check the sprinkler pumps
Sprinkler water pump is in the water sprayer beam with the brackets, screws, also need to often check, to see if the screw loose phenomenon, often tight tight, observe whether water sprayer pump with and without slack phenomenon, working pump with and without noise.
Fourth, check sprinkler take power
Sprinkler take power device installed in the transmission side of sprinkler, through its output power to drive the sprinkler pump work, often should check, if found to have oil leakage phenomenon, is the need to replace the seals.Sprinkler take power and water pump through a small transmission shaft connection, also need to often check, if it is found that the screw is loose to timely after fastening, also often loaded with butter, can ensure the normal work.
5, check the outlet of the water sprayer, water inlet
Sprinkler outlet and inlet should be regularly check, inlet badly worn to timely replacement, have stuff will timely cleaning.
Sixth, the mesh of the sprinkler to often clean
The mesh of the sprinkler installation between sprinkler pump and pipeline, main is to prevent impurities from entering the pump.Many sprinkler didn't take long for sprinkler pressure becomes small, often appear this kind of circumstance is not the problem of the pump, but the screen not timely cleaning, is blocked, the pressure decreases.When sprinkling water pumping are slow, no pressure, so the mesh of sprinkler must timely cleaning.
Users in the maintenance of the sprinkler when must pay attention to the above matters, so as not to affect performance and service life of the sprinkler, and more than six are not even on the sprinkler maintenance manual.Embellish force sprinkler professional factory as one of the country's largest dongfeng sprinkler manufacturers, to provide the latest price, high-definition pictures of sprinkler sprinkler, various types of sprinkler quotation, welcome to inquire.

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Company:Hubei Runli Special Automobile Co., LTD
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