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led high bay light 30w fill lights


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Post Time: 2015-09
Price: 1400
Company: shen zhen leapyan technology co., ltd  
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 led high bay light 30w fill lights  
Product details

A, LED lights up briefly:
FY-DLED024B bright LED lights for a variety of license plate capture or detection system developed auxiliary light source, mainly to solve the red light electronic police, bayonet system, toll stations, residential, factory entrances cameras are often virtual focus at night and dark picture of the phenomenon, the image can not be accurately identified.

Second, LED fill light features:
1, in a completely non-ambient lighting conditions, the camera system can make the record clear license plate images.
2, stationary use.
3, no stimulation of the human eye, does not affect traffic safety.
4, spot uniformity, light intensity can be adjusted.
5, low power consumption and high efficiency.
6, can be lit day and night, long life.
7, with adjustable light-sensitive switch can be set to open up a different light the darkness.
8, during the day and night and the use of daylight superimposed independent license plate illumination can be compatible.
9, during the day can stabilize the backlight, vehicle headlight glare at night can suppress.
10, can be easily and camera, housing form an integrated structure.
11, easy installation, can be matched with a variety of CCD cameras.

Three, LED fill light applications:
1, residential video surveillance.
2, residential parking license plate recognition monitor, and simultaneous use of light suppression camera, the better.
3, highway, national highway toll station lane monitoring system.

Four, LED fill light parameters:
LED Number of lights: 1W high brightness LED lamp beads 24
Control: Steady / when the control switch / sensitive control
Grade: IP65, indoor and outdoor common
Wavelength: 380nm ~ 850nm
Perspective / horizon: 15 ° / 250 ? 30 ° / 130 ? 45 ° / 100 ? 60 ° / 70 meters.
The amount of light: 3000lm
Operating voltage: AC220V.
Power: 30W
Operating temperature: -25 degrees to + 85 degrees
Product Dimensions: 228x205x128

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Company:shen zhen leapyan technology co., ltd
Main Business:led lighting led fill lights led high bay light
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