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Epoxy mortar manufacturers


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Post Time: 2016-06
Price: 10000 yuan
Company: Beijing Rui Sheng special building materials limited company  
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 Epoxy mortar manufacturers  

Factory contact manager 13552015001 welcome to call the Advisory
Epoxy mortar, acid resistant cement, epoxy mortar, epoxy resin mortar, acid epoxy special brick binder clay, granite [] binder sealant epoxy mortar, concrete surface reinforcement, acid corrosion resistance surface reinforcement,
Epoxy mortar, acid clay which features can be used on various fields?
1, compressive strength of high strength, fast curing, seven days can reach 22 MPa and 28 days can reach 56 MPa, far more than the epoxy mortar experimental and theoretical values.
2, the bond performance is good, the old and new combination of solid, seven days can reach 3 MPa, 28 days can reach 3.6 MPa is the best choice for the paste.
3, can be in the wet base construction, is the original he is very good water absorption coefficient and water absorption, water absorption coefficient can reach 24, 0.29 hours in 500 cubic meters.
4, in PH=2 sulfuric acid solution, 2% hydrochloric acid solution, 10% sodium hydroxide solution and sodium saturated solution soaked for one year, no drop, leakage phenomenon.
Epoxy mortar can be used to do what?
[acid brick, granite, marble, sticky paste mortar caulking clay]
Anti erosion, cavitation erosion and frost resistance of the water conservancy building over the face of the building, and the restoration of the damaged.
Highway, bridge, airport runway, workshop and other engineering parts of the anti wear protection and repair.
- chemical, petroleum, factories, docks and other concrete or metal components of acid and alkali and salt corrosion protection and repair.
The repair of the defects such as crack, hole, spalling, etc..
How to use epoxy mortar?
, preparation of materials: material a: B: C: material =1:3:16, first material a and B material according to the ratio of 1:3 poured into the barrel, stirring, uniformly mixing, then, stirring while slowly add C material until mixed into a homogeneous clay like. Note: (1) A material and B material is stored for a long time there will be a slight stratification, before use should first shake before use. (2) the use of non uniform mixing or has been in the initial setting state of clay is strictly prohibited.
A, defect site repair:
According to the requirements of the construction, with a spatula prepared clay smear in repair parts, when applied to edge of the edge of compaction trowel, completed 7 days can be put into use.
B, a large area of the whole surface layer plastering construction:
Used as surface layer, thickness of not less than 3mm, layer of surface as a whole is done on the surface of the concrete or masonry facade and steel structure should be divided into two times, each time interval should not be less than 24 hours. When the last time a plaster, should be smooth, not repeatedly wiping pressure.
C, ground to improve the wear resistance of treatment:
Mix the mortar coating under repair treatment on the ground, the thickness of not less than 3mm. After the construction is not required to maintain, 2 to 3 days can be, after 7 days can be overloaded.
Packaging storage
- packing: packing size is 20 kg / barrel.
Storage: stored in a dry, ventilated environment, waterproof, moisture, Kaifeng state is not under the shelf life of 6 months, can be transported by general cargo.

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Company:Beijing Rui Sheng special building materials limited company
Main Business:Epoxy epoxy resin mortar filling slurry epoxy mortar high-strength non shrinkage grouting material
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