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4 axis automatically lock screw machine


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Post Time: 2016-03
Company: Shenzhen jia si jie technology co., LTD.  
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 4 axis automatically lock screw machine  


Mainly used in mobile phones, digital products and other electronic products assembly. USES the Japanese original HIOS electric group, high precision, long service life. Size of equipment can be embedded product line. The product defective rate less than 0.05%.

1.High efficiency: single email double location of work at the same time, electric group has been working, about alternate replacement products.


2. Easy to operate´╝?/strong>the traditional manual take aim screws and screw holes need to take up a lot of time and energy, and equipments are constantly placed just artifacts;


3. The intelligent: PLC intelligent control circuits, configure the touchscreen, the production data at a glance;


4. High standards: lock pay process by equipment according to the program itself completely, avoid the ill effects of artificial wrong operation; Lock pay cycle is short, the equipment can be embedded line body achieve streamline operations.


5. Stable performance: equipment imported raw materials, equipment, production of high efficiency, low failure rate, good guarantee product quality, to ensure that equipment zero fault.




Fault handling

1. Can't boot: check whether the power cord plug is good, check whether there is electricity, whether to blow a fuse.

2. Teach box did not show: check whether the cable is connected, whether the host.

3. The whole machine operation screw lock pay state whether meet the requirements of lock to pay, if you don't meet to see if a plane and tidy flat.


Equipment maintenance

1. Regular inspection guide screw add lubricant.

2. The machine is running, it is forbidden to touch the machine moving parts, do not allow the two operators at the same time operating a machine.

3. The ban on non-technical accounts electrical control box.


After-sales service

This product warranty period for delivery to your designated place, within 1 year after normal use conditions such as fault can be obtained free maintenance services (excluding random accessories), if you have any questions please to: 400-1818-332. Company's after-sales service dedicated to solve various problems for you. If belong to the following factors, the company shall have the right to charge service fees:

1. The event of force majeure or careless operation of man-made damage.

2. Tear open outfit, repair itself.

3. The other is not the normal use of the problem and fault.


Product use method

1. Open the power, through air, adjust good torque and pressure;

2. The screw into the screw in the bin, screw amount to not more than screw conveyor altitude advisable;

3. Check if dial the code switch corresponding product model;

4. Before the first lock screw, need to check all the electricity of whether there is a grain of screw to lock inside the clamp mouth;

5. If there is no grain of screw to lock on electric group of clamp mouth and need to press the test button, the machine movement twice, ensure that electric batch of clip mouth there is a grain of screw batch of clamp mouth waiting to lock in electricity;

6. Check whether feeder vibrator switch at the specified position;

7. Check finished, press the reset switch, to start production.


Using the matters needing attention


Please observe the following precautions on use, otherwise may cause injuries or machine damage, please be sure to follow.


Ø jia si jie technology TTK automatic lock pay machine factory voltage is AC220V 50/60 hz; The built-in switch, can be converted into AC110V

Ø equipment must be reliable grounding, otherwise you will have to get an electric shock risk

Ø to avoid foreign bodies fall into the machine.

Ø in order to ensure safety, physical contact with the working equipment is forbidden.

Ø if need to change the workpiece or material such as work, the machine must be stopped running after, before action is to ensure the safety.

Ø workpiece fixture replacement or repair the machine, please be sure to shut off the power.

Ø without permission, please do not open the cabinet without authorization.

Ø this machine applies only to 5 Ôä?Ôł?40 Ôä?and temperature is between 20-95% anhydrous work environment.

ØPlease do not send the machine placed in sunlight will direct illuminate place.

ØDon't place the machine  operating in electronic signal interference.

Ø avoid to use corrosive solvent to wipe the machine, application of neutral detergent

Ø in the machine without power off, ban through or directly on the handheld programmer (in the case of charged a ropriating programmer might damage the programmer)

Ø frequent power outages, not on the equipment after the power is back online, for at least 1 minute apart

Ø using the company designated parts, accessories and other external form a complete set of equipment, according to consumption such as specification, please choose to use.

Ø please send TTK desktop - 1520 - f type automatic locking screw machine and spare parts, accessories to wipe clean, prevent adhesion liquid material.

Ø strict regular machine maintenance and appearance clean, avoid the short circuit of the circuit due to dust bring unnecessary trouble to you.


Application industry:


Painted u mobile phone shell assembly PCB products painted painted screw mounting screw to install small electronic products mobile phone painted plate screw to install the battery box lock screw painted painted for auto parts assembly painted metal parts installed automatically PAD painted painted notebook shell assembly laptop painted painted painted digital camera tablet set-top box painted painted LED display photoelectric module, small electronic products.


        Shenzhen Jia si jie technology customized automation solutions for customers, mainly provide products are automatically lock screw machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic element installed, module transmission lock pay more machine, sticker machine, Intelligent fastening system (Electric screwdriver), Torque tester, CCD para joint system, MMI full functional test automation equipment, etc.

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Main Business´╝Üautomatically lock screw machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic element installed,
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