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CLJ-D type laser dust particle counter


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Post Time: 2017-05
Company: Suzhou Hongrui source purification Polytron Technologies Inc  
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  CLJ-D type laser dust particle counter  

CLJ-D type laser dust particle counter (LED display)

Technical index of the instruments meet the requirements issued by the National Bureau of metrology JJF1190-2008 verification regulation of the, the machine function by American microcomputer control processing technology and the most advanced SMT chip SMD package technology and high quality sensor and the pump can directly print test results. Has the function to have many, the measurement precision is high, the speed is quick, is easy to carry and the operation simple and so on the characteristic. Instrument a sample can be measured simultaneously at wide range particle size and the number of dust particles, and can choose to observe the a grain size number of particles and changes, for research, testing, and evaluation of various clean environment are very convenient. This series of instrument performance design is advanced, quality is stable and reliable

The series of products have been widely used in the detection of clean room; filter; in situ detection, Jianlou; monitoring super clean bench, biological safety cabinet, HVAC systems, computer room, beverage packaging environment, medical equipment production environment, clean operating room in a hospital, auto spraying environment micro electronic, pharmaceutical, biochemical products, fine chemical industry, precision machinery and aerospace production and scientific research departments, is pharmaceutical enterprises and the supervision and administration departments to carry out the GMP specification and electronic manufacturing enterprises as the instrument of choice.

Product description

Main technical parameters and performance:

1 light source: ordinary laser light source

2 sample volume: 2.83L/min (0.1cfm/min)

3 detection range: 100 ~ 1 million

4 allow the dust concentration of more than 100 thousand pieces of /2.83L air tested

5 particle sizes: 0.5 1 3 5 10 six (m) 0.3

6 display or print can be 2.83 liters / part containing particles into 1m3 containing particles

7 sampling period: 1 ~ 10 (min)

8 purification time: less than 15 (min)

9. Calibration: can be traced back to the American National Standards Institute of Technology (NIST), we have been through the National Metrology built standard assessment, back to Shanghai metering technology research institute can be self calibrated or third party national metrology institutes calibrated

10 working environment: temperature: 10 ~ 35 degrees Celsius relative temperature: 20 ~ 75%RH

11 maximum power consumption: 70W

12 temperature and humidity measurement range and accuracy: (optional)

(1) temperature: 0 ~ 50 degrees C + 1

(2) humidity: 0 to 100%RH + 5%

13 sampling points 2 to 7 point set

14 sampling times 2 to 9 times

15 report: FS-209E, China GMP standards

16 working hours: 8 hours

17 power supply: AC220V + 50 10% + 2Hz

18 weight: 5.8kg

19 dimensions: 260 x 130 x 340

Six 20 particle size dust concentration at the same time detection, followed by digital display or optional particle size display.

21 notes: built-in printer, automatic judgment and purification level, and other power sampling head, sampling frame (temperature and humidity probe for the purchase of pieces)


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Company: Suzhou Hongrui source purification Polytron Technologies Inc
Main Business: The dust particle counter, suspended particle tester, particle analysis, air particles, instrumenta
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