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Medium yellow pigment paste CTH-2020


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Post Time: 2018-01
Price: USD5.60 /kg
Company: Shanghai Caison Color Material Chem. Co.,Ltd.  
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 Medium yellow pigment paste CTH-2020  

1. Product Brief

Shanghai Caison CTH series eco-friendly water based pigment paste mainly includes CTH-X00X series ( High performance series) and CTH-XXX0 series (Normal series), they are suitable for printing or tinting of cotton, linen, polyester, acrylic and various blend fabrics, also for artificial leather dyeing; widely used in printing and dyeing of exporting textile, garment, fabrics, sheets, shoes, hats and artificial leather clothing.

2. Product Features:

?It conforms to Oeko-Tex100:2015(II Class) Standard of International Association for Research Testing in the field of Textile Ecology (contents restriction of formaldehyde, heavy metals, phthalates, APEO and 24 kinds of prohibited aromatic amine);

?It conforms to National General Safety Technical Code for Textile Products GB18401-2010; compliance with the latest SVHC limits requirement of 168 kinds of substances in REACH regulations;

?Color is rich and bright, now we have 46 normal colors of water based pigment paste for your choice, see details on CTH series pigment paste color swatch;

?Better sunlight fastness and washing fastness, smaller particles ( 95% pigment particles is less than 0.5μm), uniformly particle distribution;

?Lower impurity content, stable performance.

?And CTH-X00X series water based pigment paste has better performance in the color fastness of high temperature resistance, color discharge resistance, migration resistance, perspiration and saliva resistance;

 3. Instructions for using:

?Inspection conditions description on formaldehyde, heavy metals, phthalates, 24 kinds of prohibited aromatic amines and APEO: all of tests are depending on the full cotton fabric printed by water based paste or rubber paste which all is prepared by 10% adding amount of pigment color paste. If exceeding the above operated conditions, please make the small sample testing first and get the qualified, then use it in mass production.

?Our products are eco-friendly pigment paste. When use them with other auxiliaries and materials, please consider the environmental issues, no residue limited substances on operated equipment, in order to avoid secondary pollution causes environmental risks;

?Please stir the pigment paste evenly before using. If any precipitation happened during the long time storage, it still can work when you can do enough stirring and filtering;

?It is possible that the aromatic amine content may exceed the limited requirement when superimposed using CTH-XXX0 series water based pigment paste (mainly is red, yellow and brown). so please pay more attention to it during the using it, you can confirm it by sample testing, then start to mass production, in order to ensure the quality of printed products.

?The red color and brown color from CTH-XXX0 series products are compatible with rubber paste for pressing and printing, original color changing, gradating phenomena or color infiltration will appear sometimes. Furthermore, the smaller amounts you added, the more easily it happened. Please refer to our testing results of migration resistance with rubber paste printing in color swatch, you can choose ones with good performance to have a test in small amount before using, in case that any quality problems mentioned above will happen. If CTH-XXX0 series products can’t meet your need, you can choose CTH-X00X series pigment paste products.

?Some parts of CTH-XXX0 series water based pigment paste has poorer migration resistance, is not suitable for rubber paste printing.

Shanghai Caison founder is a female who is one of few female senior engineers in organic pigments in China, is almost the only one female organic pigment senior engineer that works for management of industrial enterprise. Her name is Xingzhi Yu.

At the beginning of the enterprise establishment in 2005, the founder and enterprise corporation Xingzhi Yu puts the enterprise in the manufacturing and developing high-quality water-based pigment color paste!

1.Background advantage
Shanghai Caison has state-owned background, there is still state-owned shares now. 30 years ago, Shanghai Ink Factory (state-owned) firstly developed and produced the textile screen printing water-based pigment paste in China, and then had experienced more than 20 years of development and change. And now Shanghai Caison team headed by Xingzhi Yu, still having five key employees previously worked in the Shanghai Ink Factory, they are working for more  than 30years.

Nearly half of Shanghai Caison team of managing and technical staff is from Shanghai Ink Factory ( later renamed Shanghai Peony ink). They actively joined the working for water based pigment paste business in Shanghai Caison.

State-owned background and professional technology team with pigment paste manufacturing experiences, making Shanghai Caison steady develop in pigment paste industry from beginning to the present.

2.Industry trends push
During the 11 years from the establishment of Shanghai Caison, the developing of coatings indutry is so rapid, the competition is very fierce. For formulation type products, the investment is not large. A coatings factory can be invested by only needing formulation and equipment. From the pigment powders colored for coatings to match coatings colors by pigment paste,  pigment color paste is more easy and quickly for customer service, so it is favored by paint engineers soon.

Over the past 5 years,  with the serious controlling of VOC and requipement of green sustainable development in coatings industry, the development of water-based coatings is a meteoric rise in speed! Under the boosting of coatings industry, water-based pigment color paste growthes rapidly. More and more pigment paste factories are appeared.

3. Standardized management and keep moving forward
We use refined and data-based ways to manage the manufacturing of water-based pigment paste. Over 300 types of water based pigment dispersion need more than 500 types of raw materials and auxiliaries, complete running of the internal network and management to make enterprises run efficiently!

Continues improving of equipment and technology prompts the all kinds of pigment paste standards in Shanghai Caison keep rising, maintaining industry-leading! We have more than 60 sets of dispersed equipments, enterprise scale leads the pigment paste industry in China.

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Company:Shanghai Caison Color Material Chem. Co.,Ltd.
Main Business:pigment paste,pigment dispersion, pigment preparation
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