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IP network broadcast system control software


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Post Time: 2018-09
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Company: Shenzhen Xibangyuan technology co. LTD  
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 IP network broadcast system control software  

IP network broadcast system control software Product use:

1. Broadcasting system management and control software, installed in network broadcast control center or computer, is a comprehensive management platform for broadcast system data exchange, system operation and function operation.Windows service mode, which supports system platforms such as Win98 and Win8.1, built-in 7 system services, and supports system guard dogs;

The software includes wireless remote control software, telephone broadcast software, fire control software

IP network broadcast system control software Product features:

1, software is the core of the whole system running, the support system in the operation of the radio terminal, radio terminal basic parameters configuration, is responsible for the audio stream on demand service, planning task processing, terminal management and authority management functions;

2. Manage the resource of the program library, provide regular broadcast and real-time on-demand media services for all terminals, respond to the programming requests of each terminal, and provide data interface services for each audio workstation;

3. Support up to 1000 single broadcast tasks or program transmission, support multiple server distributed deployment and server cluster;

4. Support the self-definition terminal name, unlimited grouping, unlimited time task, unlimited time grouping, support unlimited audio collection play, timing play, one-click call and play;

5, support multiple users, any level of sub control management, support unlimited monitoring terminal, multitasking real-time monitor and support unlimited environment monitoring function, program library support and unlimited unlimited file folder management;

6. Support the security patrol for more check-in management, support the subsidiary terminal management function, support the conference scheduling function, support the task to re-enter the intelligent identification function, the geometric multiple reduces the code rate;

7. Support the program to regularly play offline tasks, and support remote manual and intelligent control terminal power supply;

8. Support mobile phone WIFI on demand, support any choice of broadcast terminal;

Power support 9, unattended work all day, data protection, support automated discovery have binding terminal, support custom heart data, support from top to bottom line remind, support bubble popup window;

10. The software supports the embedded development of third-party platforms, provides the standard MFC dynamic link library, and integrates with other system platforms (such as building visitor system, monitoring video system, etc.);

11, support arbitrary monomer, group calls, play music, timing, ringing the bell function, support the remote wireless remote control, and support the intelligent combination keys, support the remote volume control, broadcasting, selects a function;

12. The self-priming function of the support system is free of login and logout, and does not affect the function operation such as regular ringing, supports the background recording, supports remote storage, and supports intelligent task identification and initiating recording.

13. Support the intelligent identification of digital audio, support automatic re-coding, support broken file identification, professional studio management software, support temporary task saving and edit recall;

14. Support the customized terminal partitioning shortcut key operation to support the maximum volume of 5 or more tasks;

15. Support virtual terminal access to support portable mobile client operation;

16. Support all district and district fire control linkage, support fire N + N mode, and support artificial alarm and digital alarm mixing;

17. Support the unified management terminal login password, and support the authorization scope management, level 10 priority management, and support easy and automatic authorization;

18. Support PSTN broadcast, built-in humanized Chinese voice, support mobile phone, landline, little lingtong, ocean phone broadcast, compatible with global telecommunications system access;

19. Support SMS voice broadcast, support mobile or linkage designated number or public number information;

20. Support task management, session management, hardware management, user management, authorization management, media management, network adaptive management;

21, support the full range of log query, filter, retrieval and output, startup, play, terminal management, control, up and down the line, timing, trigger, fire control, call, intercom, for help, alarm, remote control, torn down;

22, adopt the standard selected modules, installation packages include software system server, relay server, remote client software, software radio client software, software of fire alarm, wireless remote control software and phone radio software, etc;

Support customer customization to install, achieve the maximum degree of reduction of system resource occupation, improve system operation efficiency, is the most flexible broadcast software installed in the industry;

23, adopt the background system service, is the enterprise standard server work mode, boot system can run automatically, compared to the front desk at the interface between the software has higher stability and reliability;

24. System compatible routers, switches, bridge gateways, Modem, Intelnet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, single broadcast, etc.

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Company:Shenzhen Xibangyuan technology co. LTD
Main Business:Public address system, IP network intercom system, conference system, family background music s
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